Wandering Souls
Hello and welcome to our castle, where insanity is closer than you think.
I'm sure you'll find the residents here to be quite...entertaining.
(Multi-Muse Account! The list of them are in ' Residents' Can/and will add more when I feel like it, this is a side-blog!)


"Who the hell are you guys?"

"Don’t be so rude Yata! They are guest!!"

"C-course they are! S-sorry!"

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Posted on May. 01, 2013
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    Robin’s whole body tensed as Maka embraced her, as kind as the gesture was, the whitette was unused to such close...
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    Both Yata and Maka looked at Robin in shock, this is honestly not what they had expected to happen when they meet a new...
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    She nodded. “Tell me about it. I had one of the busiest days I’ve seen in a while actually..”